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Agregue Su Historia

Share Your Story

  • What’s the lime green ribbon for?

    We’re glad you asked! Mental health challenges are common and shouldn’t be a topic that gets left in the dark. We all have a reason to wear lime green and when you share your story, you let others know it’s okay to talk about mental illness. It’s by talking openly that we are able to offer each other support and break down the barriers that prevent people from seeking help.

    Are you ready to tell your “lime green” story?

    Great! Here are some messages that may help you get started. You can download this exercise to print and share.

    Like millions of Californians…

    • I have experienced mental health challenges.
    • People I love have experienced mental health challenges.
    • I know what it’s like to experience mental health challenges.
    • I know I am not defined by a diagnosis; it’s just one part of who I am.
    • My family member/friend is not defined by their diagnosis; it’s just one part of who they are.
    • It’s not always easy to tell my story but I do because I know I can help create a supportive community and save lives.
    • I am showing my support and you can too by wearing the lime green ribbon.
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